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ECMSDK 2.4.0 now available

inxire published new version of ECMSDK

We are proud to announce the release of ECMSDK 2.4. This release includes several bug fixes as well as a number of product enhancements.

  • Added support for Content Encryption

  • Added a new tool for ClassObject creation for improved performance and robustness

  • Introduced a pattern to enforce single instance categories

A new API has been added that can be used to indicate that new content being added to ECMSDK (via creation or update of a Document) should be encrypted when it is stored in the database or within a designated custom Media store. This prevents unauthorized access to the content when the Media store is inspected directly. When the content is accessed in an authorized manner via the API or protocols, the content presented to the user will be automatically decrypted.

A new tool for added that uses a new set of script operations for creating ECMSDK ClassObjects during installation, and for creating or modifying ClassObjects during upgrade. These new script operations improve the performance of the installation and upgrade processes, and provides a complete and robust definition of the entire object model used within ECMSDK.

A new pattern has been introduced for enforcing certain Categories to have no more than one instance defined on any given PublicObject. The new pattern uses a simple data-driven approach using ClassObject properties, and replaces the old pattern that required custom coding.

Additional details can be found in the release notes and javadoc.
You will find the ECMSDK Standard Edition downloads and latest documentation on