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ECMSDK 2.2 now available

inxire published new version of ECMSDK

We are very proud to announce the release of ECMSDK 2.2. This release includes over 20 bug fixes as well as a number of important product enhancements.

  • Introducing a new base object type called SimpleObject.

  • Introducing a new mechanism for coordinating a group of AuditEvent handler instances for better scalability and throughput

  • Added additional configuration parameters and reservation information for multi-threaded library sessions

  • Enable new Oracle Text features in Oracle 12c database that are beneficial for markup and highlighting

  • Added additional formats for out-of-the-box full text searches

The new SimpleObject is a peer to PublicObject, SchemaObject and SystemObject. It enables full control about the table storage and inheritance hierarchy of this object. If you have billions of objects of different types, this object gives you the right level of control without decreaing the overall system performance.
WIth the new coordinated handler mechanism for grouping multiple AuditEvent handler instances, you can dynamically add or remove handlers to react on demand for resources in case of peaks in your application. The coordination is fully done by the ECMSDK runtime environment, so developers do not have to take care of writing competing AuditEvent handles anymore.
Multi-thread enabled library sessions can now be configured in many ways to have an even better control abour the internal session pool.

You will find the ECMSDK Standard Edition downloads and latest documentation on

Meet us at the following upcoming events for a live demo of the new ECMSDK 2.2:

  • Mar 28 - 30, 2017

    Javaland 2017, Booth 218, Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany